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very intelligent and who had wondered what would be the outcome of their runaway, got into the carriage and they also climbed over the back seat and dropped to the ground unhurt. The ride home was pleasanter than I had expected it to be. When I had stepped off the platform after my fiasco, I understood how a suicide felt. When I stepped off the second time I felt better. “I almos’ bus’ laughin’,” said Minerva, as she

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r papers t o sell. And the mamma of little Maude began to read the new

climbed into the carriage. “Thank you, Minerva,” said I, fully appreciating both the compliment and her peril. CHAPTER XIV THE-FOURTH-OF-JULY. A WEEK of lovely weather made us forget time. We spent our days in the open air,

and Minerva spent her days practising for the concert. It was wonderful with what expedition she cooked our meals and cleaned up afterward. The meals were, if anything, more delicious than formerly. She was happy, and she could not h

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    elp communicating some of her happiness to her cooking. It was not so much

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    she cooked, as the happy way she cooked it. James was a sort of Luther Bur

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    his power over plants. One afternoon I said to Ethel in his hearing

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Our Plans

Plan 1

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ht it was a pity that the Wheelocks had not planted a vine in front of the house, as it would have added g

Plan 2

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reatly to its picturesqueness. He was oiling his lawn mower at the time, and I noticed that he stood up a

Plan 3

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nd looked at the house front and nodded his head and smiled, but I would not have thought of it again had

to the pa rt that said the horses of little Maude were running away, she l

it not been for the fact that two days after, on returning from a drive with Ethel, we both burst out into ejaculations of surprise and

ooked stra ight ahead and saw that it was indeed true. And with great pr

delight. The front of the house, up to the second-story window, was adorned by a most beautiful crimson rambler. I felt like rubbing my eyes. We must have lost our way. It could not be our house

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esence of mind she c

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. But just then Minerva and James came around the corner of the house, hand in hand. As soon as they saw us they let go of hands, and she went back to the kitchen with a guffaw that merely indicated li

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